Whitewater Rafting Near Bryce Canyon: Important Tips to Remember

Whitewater rafting is an intense, and incredibly fun adventure that everyone can enjoy. It is a sport that can give you adrenaline rush. But just like any physical activity, you also need to be careful especially since whitewater rafting is not an easy sport. Bryce Canyon offers amazing scenery, but many are opting to combine a Bryce trip with a river rafting trip, so in light of this here are the important things that you should remember for your safety:


Know more about whitewater rafting.

This is definitely an enjoyable and challenging activity. But before you finally decide to go on a whitewater rafting trip, you need to be a little knowledgeable of what you are actually getting into. There are different rafting trips depending on your experience level. For instance, there are trips that are suitable for beginners while there are more challenging whitewater rafting trips like the ones down the Grand Canyon which is near Bryce. Choose the trip that is suitable for your level.

Always listen and follow your rafting guide.

There are things that you should not do during the activity. So, make sure that you follow what your guide is saying all throughout the whitewater trip. From doing the simple commands to paddle instructions, it is essential that you always listen to what your guide is saying. Follow his lead and instructions. This is to ensure that you would not end up taking a plunge into the water and fall from the boat.

Get a strong grip on your paddle.

The upper part of the paddle is known as the T grip. This is a T shaped like paddle located at the top section. You need to have a strong grip on your paddle and during the trip, you should hold on to it tight. This is crucial when you are nearing a rapid. All throughout the rafting trip, you should not let go of the T grip as this may injure other people.

Do not panic.

For first timers, it can be quite scary especially when you are approaching a rapid and it feels like you are going to fall off the boat. It is important that you stay calm so you wouldn’t be anxious during the whitewater rafting trip. Just enjoy the activity and listen to your guide. In case you fall in the river, do not panic. Prior to the actual activity, the guide will provide you with information regarding safety measures and other precautions. Follow the safety guide, keep calm and do not panic.

Make your whitewater rafting activity a fun and memorable one. Keep these useful tips in mind and you get to have a once in a lifetime whitewater rafting experience.