What It’s Like Hiking in Bryce

Have you ever wondered what it’s like hiking in Bryce? What to expect? What the trails and the traffic is like? Well this video of Bryce does an excellent job of showing you exactly what to expect when planning a hiking trip to Bryce Canyon.

Hiking in Bryce

The National Park Service has done an incredible job of developing Bryce Canyon’s hiking trails. That is one of the first things you’ll notice from this video. From well groomed trails to the stone staircases, you’re in good hands when you go hiking here.

Some come to Bryce and merely look over the edge and get some photos from the various lookouts. And then so often they claim they’ve now experienced Bryce. But for those who have gone off the beaten path and walked down into her depths know how much they miss out on.

Hiking in Bryce is truly a treasure. You’ll see things and experience the canyon in ways that just can’t be replicated from the top, from a picture, or even from someone else’s video of it. You just have to do it. You have to go down that trail and see for yourself all that there is to offer in this amazing park.


Hiking Trails in Bryce

There are so many trails to choose between that it’s hard to narrow it down. But safe to say that the most popular, and also one of our favorites is the Navajo Loop trail. This is the one showcases on this video with the switchbacks. This is also the trail that will take you to the bottom of the canyon.

Once there you’ll be able to look up at Bryce, look up at her Hoodoos and be inspired by what you see. So there you have it, that’s what it’s like to hike in Bryce.

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