User Submitted Bryce Canyon in Winter Image

We wanted to share a user submitted photo of Bryce Canyon that’s simply stunning. Bryce in winter is a magical place and Kayla Bertagnolli captured it in an amazing way. Most shy away from visiting Bryce during the winter, but as you look at images like this we’re hoping that might change your mind. Now granted hiking down the Navajo Loop trail probably isn’t going to be on your list of winter activities in Bryce, but there is still so much you can do.

Sorry the image is no longer available. Please visit the instagram account below to see more amazing photos by Kayla Bertagnolli

Snowshoeing Adventures in Bryce

The park itself offers night snowshoeing guides who will take you for a night hike in the snow to see the stars in all their glory. So if you get there in time to capture pictures like this before the sun goes down, and then wait around to join the snowshoeing adventures when the night falls! Truly Bryce in winter is one of the prettiest places you can see.


Thanks again for photo Kayla, and if you’d like to see more of her work here are her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Instagram Kayla Bertagnolli

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