The Night Sky Above Bryce Canyon

Many people overlook one of the best aspects of Bryce Canyon National Park, the night sky. If you come from an even moderately populated area, then the stars may be a bigger mystery to you than you would like to admit.

When you live in cities you rarely take the time to stop and look up, look up at the dramatic scene before you. And that’s largely due to the light pollution cities have, they simply drown out the view above you so there really isn’t much to see other than darkness with some dimly lit stars. In fact there’s been a push that’s gaining more steam, street lights and city lighting that preserves the night sky. But it will take some time before that will make any real difference.

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The Night Sky in Bryce

When you come to Bryce you will be greeted with one of the best night sky views you can find anywhere. Due to the sparse population of the area, and the higher elevation of Bryce, there simply isn’t the light pollution that most other places have. So you’re given a view of the heavens above in dramatic fashion, especially if the moon is hiding itself when you’re here.

Viewing the tremendous Milky Way while sitting or sleeping below some of the massive ponderosa pines found in Bryce, will leave you in awe. You’ll see the stars in ways you may never have before. And what better way to fall asleep than this, looking up in wonder at the sky, with the ponderosa’s guarding you, in one of the prettiest places on earth. It truly just doesn’t get much better than this.

Snowshoeing Night Sky Tours in Bryce

Don’t let the upcoming winter make you shy away from Bryce either. Every winter the National Park Service run snowshoeing night tours of the canyon, where headlamps aren’t allowed. They’ll take you to a good spot and then have you sit back and look up. The silence that snow provides, combined with a view of the night sky make for an incredible experience that you won’t soon forget. So don’t be afraid to make a Bryce Canyon trek during the wintertime, especially when its to see the night sky in dramatic fashion.
And that’s it, seeing the night sky is definitely one of the better reasons to head to Bryce Canyon this fall, or even this winter. Becoming reacquainted with the Milky Way above you is something you won’t regret doing. And when looking for some great lodging not far from Bryce Canyon, then look into Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, which is the perfect midway point between Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon. Zion Ponderosa sits on the northeast rim of Zion National Park where the skies are nearly as beautiful as those you’ll find at Bryce.

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