The Porcupine Rim Bike Trail in Moab

The Porcupine Rim bike trail in Moab Utah is one of the most thrilling bike trails I’ve ever been on. It’s part of a trail called The Whole Enchilada that starts at the top of the world and heads back into town.

As you can see from the video this portion of the trail is quite intense and offers amazing views of Arches and the Colorado River. One second you’ll be flying along trying not to wreck, and the next you’ll be looking out over intense vista’s that will make your heart happy.

I remember one point specifically when you’re riding along the edge of a 1,000 foot drop and the views of Arches National Park in the distance beckon your view, but the trail is literally 1 ft away from a sheer drop off. It was so amazing to say the least.

There are awesome mountain bike trails in Bryce Canyon as well, but from time to time I like to highlight areas near Bryce as well and Moab Utah would be one of those places.

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