Incredible Zion Backcountry

I went hiking in a remote part of Zion recently because I had always seen this spot that looked as if the views would be incomparable. My destination was a white horseshoe shaped knoll that sits right above the Pine View Peak, just past the trail that takes you to the Subway (Wildcat).

I embarked and began my ascent on the northern side of the mountain and as I crested the summit I was greeted with a seemingly never ending swath of scrub oak, the kind that makes walking through a nightmare. But I persisted and continued on absolutely destroying my legs in the process.

Then I saw it, I saw the view that I was hoping would be there, but in truth I didn’t expect it to be as incredible as it was, because truly the expanse was amazing.

I first came to the center of the horseshoe and looked down the sheer cliffs at the little cubby-hole of a place that was below me. Then I followed the trail out to the green valley that fronted this beautiful area and couldn’t help but wonder how many people had been down there before, as this area of Zion doesn’t have trails going through it?

But the real view was above the valley below me, the massive red and white rock mountains of Zion Canyon was before me, an unobstructed view of the most amazing place on earth (next to Disneyland of course).

I quickly began taking as many pictures of it as I could, hoping at least one or two would turn out. Somehow I knew that no matter how good my photos were, they were never going to do this view justice.

I loved the fact that few people have probably ever been where I stood. I know I wasn’t the first or the only person who had, but I’m quite confident that there are few who have. So much of Zion are places that get thousands of visitors a day visiting and taking pictures. There was something great about being in a place where few had ventured to capture.

The ponderosa pines on the top added a great contrast to the views before me and as the sun began to fade I just stopped. I stopped taking pictures and I decided to soak it all in. I feel so often we are more concerned with taking pictures of something amazing, that we fail to stop and notice something amazing.

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