The Milky Way and Bryce Canyon

I recently spent some time in Bryce grateful to see it in winter, yet feeling a longing feeling for summer to return. Bryce in winter is a beautiful place, but when you can take the Navajo Loop trail down to the bottom; to be among the rock stars themselves, that is when the Bryce comes alive.

That is also what drew me to this picture as well. When I visited Bryce is stayed at a Bryce Canyon cabin and thoroughly enjoyed my stay there, but I didn’t do what I should. I didn’t go outside and look up.

So when I saw this image of the Milky Way in all her glory sitting right above the hoodoos of Bryce, I recognized my mistake and plan to remedy that next time I’m in the park. There is something about the heavens combined with the earth in an image, that is so inspiring to me. I’m grateful for photographers who have the ability to capture images like these. Images that honestly our natural eyes can’t capture by themselves (we plain just don’t have shutter speeds ha).
Next time you’re in Bryce make certain to not make the same mistake I did, make certain you look up.

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