Lightning Over Bryce

Lightning Over Bryce

There are few light shows that can even compare to the show mother nature can put on (I’m looking at you Las Vegas). Although in comparison, it’s quite unpredictable, which is why capturing an image like this of lightning over Bryce Canyon is so incredible.

I love the photographer Stefan Mitterwallner’s comment “A matter of patience and luck.”. Doesn’t that sum it up perfectly? As a photographer you may only get one or two chances to catch an image like this, but when you do it turns into something amazing.

It Also Showcases the Trails in Bryce Canyon Perfectly

Not only it is amazing, but it as showcases to those who haven’t yet visited Bryce, how the trails are laid out, and what to expect. Hiking in Bryce is one of the best things you can do, but some mistakenly get fearful of getting off of the pavement. This image illustrates that you have nothing to be worried about, and that you can find some incredible things as you venture down a Bryce Canyon hiking trail.

For those of you who have visited Bryce and hiked the Navajo Loop trail, can you honestly say that without hiking it that you really experienced all that Bryce has to offer?

“sometimes a brief moment, a flash in the distance is enough to be etched in our memories for years to come”

So this is our little plug, when you come to Bryce get out of the car and park it. That’s the only way you’ll ever even get a chance at seeing things like this image offers. And in truth seeing something like this will only be for a brief moment, because we all know how lightning works, but sometimes a brief moment, a flash in the distance is enough to be etched in our memories for years to come.

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