Kodachrome Basin Park Right Next to Bryce

Have you ever been looking at a map of Bryce Canyon and noticed the Kodachrome Basin State Park sitting right next to it? I know you have… Well now you’re going to have an idea as to what’s there, and why it might be worth your time to visit.

kodachrome basin state park

Photo Credit: Sandy Horvath-Dori

The scenery in Kodachrome Basic offers a bit of a different look and feel than what Bryce Canyon offers. There are 67 monolithic stone pillars/spires that are called sedimentary pipes. These multi-hued sandstone layers are much like arches as they seem to defy gravity and are undeterred in their quest to reach skyward. These surprising rock structures have been forming for millions of years.

What to do in Kodachrome Basin State Park

Kodachrome Basin was created as a state park after a 1948 National Geographic Expedition arrived and promoted the beauty of the park. Afterwards people began to come here and soak in the natural beauty as just one more place near Bryce to visit.

The park is most popular during the spring and fall when you don’t have to fight the heat as much. It’s a popular place for horseback rides and there are rides available for those who come to visit. But for most they come to go camping and hiking, to see the stone spires for themselves. The park does offer a modern campground with twenty five sites available, many of which are pull-through and can accommodate RVs up to 45 feet.

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There are some great hiking trails nearby that have become more and more popular for those looking for things to do in Bryce (well this would be things to do just outside of Bryce). As well Grosvenor Arch is located nearby, so if you’re looking to see another arch in your trek through Utah make certain you go to see Grosvenor. Also for the ATV riders among you there are some fabulous ATV trails right next to the state park that will both thrill and delight.

Photo Credit: Sandy Horvath-Dori

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