Incredible Inspiring Video of The Mighty Five – How Was It Made

Would you like to see one of best videos I’ve seen in a long time? It’s only a minute and definitely worth 60 seconds. It highlights the Mighty Five, or the five national parks in Utah. Zion, Bryce, Capital Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches. The quality of this video is very inspiring, although it does make you wish spring was already here. Not only does it highlight the stunning formations of Bryce, but it groups us with our sister parks that all compliment each other so well.

The pictures and videos that people produce each and every day that highlight the stunning beauty of this area, of Bryce Canyon are just getting better and better.

Having said that there is no video, no picture that can beat witnessing an amazing place like Bryce Canyon, than by going here. Getting in your car and driving and then when you get here, get out. Get out of your car and walk around to see what your eyes can see without photo filters, without Photoshop manipulations, without video special effects, get out and see it how it really is.

If you’ve been here before return, come and see a place you haven’t seen before. Or see it in a different light, maybe come during the winter to go snow-shoeing. But if you haven’t been here before then there’s no time like the present to make a plan, and drive.

How Was It Made?

I can nearly guarantee you that your first reaction upon seeing it will be “how on earth was this made?” It’s times like these when maybe for only a few brief moments you’re taken back to a time when the world was much simpler. When everything you saw was new and amazing, and filled with wonder. But as time went by those moments began to be more and more rare, as the mundane and the monotonous aspects of like slowly takes over. You find yourself less and less inspired with that childlike curiosity of “what is that and how was it made?”.

That is what Bryce Canyon can offer you, a step back in time. A moment to reflect on how you used to be, and how you can be again. A person who couldn’t wait for their next adventure, couldn’t wait to see what they had not seen yet, couldn’t wait to ask that annoying little question of their father, “how was that made dad?”.

It’s time to come back, to make a plan and come visit Bryce again, or maybe for the first time. If you’re interested in some help for Bryce and elsewhere then check out some St.George Utah tours here.

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