Hiking the Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park

Found a great video of people hiking Queens Garden, Navajo Loop, and Peekabo in Bryce Canyon. It’s a really well done video that highlights in a positive way, why hiking in Bryce is a such a treat.

Truth be told it’s hard to find good hiking videos, this one is an exception. It really gives you a true understanding of what the trails are like, but more importantly why you would want to hike them. Hopefully it inspires you to want to take on the dusty trail that leads to the bottom to be among the red rock towers and walls of Bryce Canyon

There are several good hiking trails in Bryce Canyon that are worth the trek. Navajo Loop is one of the most popular but we may have a little bit of a inclination towards Peekabo. Although anywhere you go in Bryce while on a trail on at a look-off, you’ll be greeted with wonder and amazement at her beauty.

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