Hiking Fairyland Loop Trail

Description: Prepare for one of the most spectacular hikes in Bryce Canyon, as Fairyland Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon leads you on the edge and below the labyrinths and amphitheaters, between spires and hoodoos and into the subterranean stone canyons of tan, white and pink. Experience an extensive hike descending close to 900 feet leading you underneath the valley and spinning you to the immense base of Boat Mesa. For almost the majority of the journey, the trail sticks to the floor of the Campbell Canyon and Fairyland.

  • Fairyland Loop Trail
  • Length: 8.3 miles round trip
  • Difficulty: Strenuous

Fairyland Loop Trail... by Daniel Everest on 500px.com

Fairyland Point

Hikers will take the trail that moves down to the bottom of the canyon at Fairyland Point which Fairyland Canyon eventually follows until it arrives the south portion of Boat Mesa.

Boat Mesa

While hikers freely meander down the Fairyland Canyon, the bulk of Boat Mesa settles to the south of the trail. However, as an alternative of following the canyon all the way down in convergence with the Campbell Canyon, this trail circles southward and departs the Fairyland. The trail will then climb up to the slope that weighs down the southern base of Boat Mesa, in the middle of Campbell Canyon and Fairyland.

Tower Bridge

At the border of two natural arches is a gigantic hoodoo known as the Tower Bridge. Its position is surrounded by rocks outside the primary trail at the entry of the Campbell Canyon.  

China Wall

Directly south of Campbell Canyon is the hedge of hoodoos famous as the China Wall which is along the Fairyland Loop. The formation of this naturally built attraction is closely comparable to the Great Wall China because of the tall stroke of hoodoos are positioned like rows above small ridges.

Trail toward the Bryce Canyon Lodge

Passing the China Wall, hikers will proceed west of the trail to continue your journey. The perimeter of the canyon should be climbed once again, moving upward to almost 900 feet. The trail has two intersections, proceed north with Fairyland Loop or move back heading Fairyland Point. From the intersection, hikers can have the opportunity to proceed west and travel the Bryce Canyon Lodge and the General Store prior to heading back to the loop and keeping the journey north on one occasion again. And if you’re looking for a place to lay your head Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort is a convenient location from which to access this trail in Bryce Canyon, and also trails at Zion National Park. 


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