Great Video of Beautiful Bryce

I recently posted an article from FoxNews that ranked Bryce Canyon in the top 10 of all national parks in the United States. If you were questioning it’s inclusion in such a short list, with some seriously beautiful contenders, then this short video will clear things right up for you.

The Grand Circle: Ep7 – Bryce Canyon Sunrise to Sunset from Grant Willis (VK5GR) on Vimeo.

The red hoodoos of Bryce are so unique that despite how many times I see them, I’m still amazed at their unassuming beauty. They stand there as if guarding something, something incredibly important. They’ve stood through years and years of change, hundreds of years of erosion that’s caused them to become what they are.

I love pictures of Bryce, but there’s something about a video like this that really puts it into perspective what is really here. What you’ll find when you visit this natural wonder. Why people come from miles and miles around to witness it for themselves. Yes Bryce is beautiful, but it’s a different kind of beauty than what most people expect.

So take a trip, make a plan and come see this national park for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. When your eyes feast upon these views you’ll understand as we understand, that this is a magical place.

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