Cedar Breaks, Bryce’s Younger Sibling

I went up to Cedar Breaks National Monument yesterday to see the snow levels and which mountain roads are open and which ones are closed. What I found was a marvelous views of the snow capped amphitheater that is Cedar Breaks.


Many when they see pictures of Cedar Breaks mistakenly assume it’s Bryce Canyon, because as you see it is quite similar. What it does not have in comparison to Bryce are the towering hoodoos that stand as prominent upon the landscape as they do in Bryce Canyon. It is considered just as Bryce is though as an amphitheater.

What this image fails to do is show you the breadth of the park at Cedar Breaks. In fact you could do quite the panorama of the entire view from up top, instead I chose to just highlight a small section of it.

Cedar Breaks is a fun place to visit and make a stop at, especially in between Bryce and Zion, because it’s nearly in the middle of these two parks. You’ll find yourself saying what I heard a California couple saying as I was there “how on earth did we not know this was here?”. Well now you know…

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