Temple View RV Resort

Temple View RV Resort

There is something special about heading out onto the open road that people without RVs just can’t understand. The ability to live in luxury, even while on the highway, is something that is unmatched. Being able to take along the comforts of home while traveling to new and exciting places is outstanding. One of the best destinations for an RV vacation is McArthur’s Temple View RV Park. When traveling to southern Utah, this RV park is the number one place to spend time and enjoy a vacation.
There are many reasons to stay at Temple View when traveling to southern Utah. Some of the best reasons to stay at Temple View are the amazing owners and operators and its incredible amenities. These two aspects of the RV park will make every traveler’s vacation a dream come true. Outside of the RV park, Temple View is surrounded by wonderful cities, towns, and exciting things to do. These things and more make a trip to Temple View magical.

A Bit About Temple View

The McArthur’s Temple View RV Park is owned and operated by Jim and Denise McArthur. In fact, the two established this RV resort over thirty years ago when they converted a large piece of their family land into Temple View. The couple saw a need for a new and inviting RV park in the St. George area, so they got to work and made it happen.
After a year of construction and many incredible additions, Temple View is a gorgeous place for those who love to RV to spend some time in St. George. They have nearly 300 sites for guests to utilize, but the large size of this RV park doesn’t take away from the small-town atmosphere visitors will have when staying here.
All the sites provide basic hookups and other amenities and some sites provide more advanced hookups. Guests can choose to hook up to cable television, as well. The spacious sites provide a patio, ample room for additional vehicles, and paved roads throughout the park for an easy and comfortable ride. These things and more come together to make staying at Temple View RV Park a once in a lifetime experience.

Luxurious Amenities at Temple View

At Temple View, guests get more than a terrific RV site. Within the park, there are many different amenities that guests can utilize. These amenities make a stay at Temple View feel like staying at a luxury resort.

Pool and Jacuzzi

Guests can relax and cool off in a spacious, clean outdoor pool. Next to the pool is a large Jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. The pool and Jacuzzi are surrounded by a large pool deck enclosed in a privacy fence which is perfect for sun bathing and spending time with family.

Indoor Activities

Making new friends and enjoying some family time is easy with the indoor activities at Temple View. Play a round of pool or enjoy many of their other indoor activities. These are great for a rainy day or just to relax and unwind.

Outdoor Activities

Challenge friends, family, and new acquaintances to a game of shuffle board or horseshoes. These leisurely outdoor activities are sure to provide fun, and a little competition, to every visitor at Temple View.


Rather than loading down suitcases with tons of clothes, guests at Temple View can lighten their clothing load by bringing a smaller amount of clothes and utilizing the on-site laundry. This laundry room has everything guests will need to do their laundry while on vacation.


Guests can wash off the day’s activities in the clean and private bathrooms at Temple View. The showers are spacious and there are many to choose from, so waiting in line or getting hot water should never be a problem.

Indoor Lounge

The indoor lounge at Temple View provides a relaxing spot to watch TV and catch up with other travelers. There are comfortable couches and chairs and a television with cable.

Fitness Center

Staying at Temple View means guests can stay fit while on the road. Though the outdoor activities around the area will provide tons of exercise, guests can get in a few miles on the treadmill or elliptical, lift weights, or ride to their heart’s content on a stationary bike.

Cities Near Temple View RV Park

The great thing about Temple View RV Park is its proximity to buzzing cities and towns in southern Utah. Within a few short hours, guests of Temple View can drive to one of many exciting cities or towns and take in all the adventures they have to offer. Though there are many great places to visit while at Temple View, the following are the most popular cities to explore.

St. George

This city is home to not only Temple View RV Park but many other exciting sites and businesses. Since guests are already in St. George, it is a short drive to the city center where all the action happens.

St. George

This city is home to not only Temple View RV Park but many other exciting sites and businesses. Since guests are already in St. George, it is a short drive to the city center where all the action happens.

Bryce Canyon

The two-hour drive from Temple View to Bryce Canyon is well worth the trip. The drive alone is an adventure since travelers will pass by some of the most scenic views throughout southern Utah.


It is only an hour drive to get to Springdale from Temple View RV Park. The town of Springdale is right next to Zion National Park, so it is the perfect place to go for outdoor adventures.


For premium site seeing and outdoor fun, Kanab is the place to be. With about an hour and a half of scenic driving, guests will be able to get to Kanab from Temple View. Once there, a journey full of beautiful sites will unfold.

Cedar City

This city is full of cultural and family friendly experiences. It is only about an hour drive from Temple View RV Park, so getting to the adventures of Cedar City is very convenient.

Things to Do and Places to Go

When staying at Temple View RV Park, guests will be surrounded by incredible things to do, see, and experience throughout their entire trip. From thrilling outdoor adventures to memorable cultural experiences, staying at Temple View RV Park opens a world of opportunities.

Bryce Canyon National Park

While not the largest park in Utah, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular ones. The gorgeous landscape, numerous trails, and exciting experiences of Bryce Canyon make it one of the best places to visit when staying at Temple View RV Park. Though the drive is a little over two hours, the things to do once there are nearly limitless.

Zion National Park

One of the most visited national parks in the United States, Zion National Park is a can’t miss adventure when staying at Temple View. The short drive, less than an hour, makes Zion the perfect place to spend the day. Guests can get there quickly, enjoy the many sites and adventures in the park, and then head back to the comfort of their RV.

Zion Factory Stores

Once guests have filled up on their outdoor adventure, a trip to the shops is a great way to spend an afternoon. The Zion Factory Stores feature over thirty different name brand shops with incredible discounts. A day spent shopping at Zion Factory Stores will be an enjoyable one.

Fiesta Fun

This exciting business is just minutes away from Temple View and provides families with an afternoon or evening of unforgettable entertainment. Fiesta Fun has fun activities like miniature golf, go-karts, batting cages, arcade games, and much more. Families staying at Temple View should be sure to schedule a trip to Fiesta Fun during their stay.

Historical Landmarks and Monuments

Since southern Utah has such a deep history, from native Americans to pioneer settlers, there are countless monuments and landmarks to explore. Visitors should be sure to check out one of the many churches, museums, and monuments dedicated to the historical wonders and people of southern Utah.

Stay the Right Way at Temple View

Staying at McArthur’s Temple View RV Park is the best way to ensure an RV vacation to southern Utah goes smoothly and is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. By putting their vacation in the hands of this talented and caring family, which has been in business for over three decades, guests can be sure that their trip will be the experience of a lifetime.

The Digital Age and Family Reunions: How to Get The Most Out of Them

In 1932 when my ancestors took a family reunion photo, they weren’t worried about our generation, as much as they were worried about lunch. However, I am very glad for the time they spared on various photos they took over the years as they’ve become priceless for the whole family.

This summer when there is a get together for family reunions in a place like Bryce Canyon, it is important that you ensure future generations will be able to remember and know you. There are amazing tools that can very easily help us capture, preserve, and sharing memories with the family and future generations.


The following are useful tips and ideas for using stories and photos that may add some flair to reunions. You may try out this in case you have not had the chance of using stories and photos.

General Ideas For Family Reunions at Bryce Canyon in the Digital Age

At any family gathering, you will find several photo related activities that may happen. The following are some of the ideas.

  • Taking a group photo-This is a no brainer and for purposes of generations to come, it is important to have everyone captured in the image.
  • Photo slideshow-You can set up your television or laptop with a looping slide show of your family members. Get as many people as possible in order to contribute. Ensure that the photos are uploaded to photo sharing sites so family members have access to them afterwards.
  • Photo name tags— From every attendee, obtain head shots and for larger events you could even get their ancestral origin by placing a name tag on each photo in order to ensure that everybody remembers their names. Most get-togethers and family reunions are held in locations or other buildings that have Wi-Fi. Other family members may bring along some Internet Hot Spot. Whichever the case is, take advantage of the access if you have it available for you to make progress in documenting your reunion and experiences.
  • Photo identification-In order to identify people in the photos you’ve uploaded make certain people not only have the ability to access them, but can tag and annotate them as well. The picture of my family reunion is a great example. I do not know everybody in the photo but the blanks can get filled by working together.
  • Recording time- A video recorder together with a hand held digital audio recorder may be used in capturing individuals sharing memories and telling stories which can be cherished and preserved by future generation.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is an incredible place to have a family reunion. With just a little foresight you’ll be able to make and save memories for generations to come. The stories and photos of our ancestors may be useful in creating a connection that is useful in bridging generations. And if you’re looking for the perfect family reunion places to stay in Bryce Canyon then Zion Ponderosa Resort just down the road from Bryce

Hiking the Bristlecone Loop

The Bristlecone Loop is reachable at southern end of the park from Rainbow point, meanders the highest point of the park, and connects through the forest at an elevation of over 9,100 feet. The trial circles on the top of the upland above the adjacent canyons. You can notice a beautiful landscape all through the trial and it takes you to bristlecone pines which are considered some of the oldest plants alive, dating back 1,800 years; this is the only park where you can find the beautiful bristlecone pine trees.

Hiking the Bristlecone Loop

Hiking in Bryce Canyon is without a doubt one of the best things you can do here. And if you’re looking for a neutral place to stay in-between Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon, then take a look at Zion Ponderosa. They offer some of the best cabin style amenities it all of southern Utah, and are perfectly situated to give you easy access to both parks.

The forest looks radiant with Blue Spruce, White Fir and Douglas-fir and a home for woodpeckers, grouse, owls, chipmunks and squirrels.  You can also see Stiller’s Jays and Ravens in the forest.  And it is home for a lot of species and animals.  The trail will be closed during mid-winter season due to heavy snow. The trial will be covered with snow from 2 feet to 15 feet during this period.

  • Rainbow Point Parking:  Rainbow point is the starting point of the trail; you can find the parking lot at the end of the State route-63 to park your cars. From there you can reach the trail head for Yovimpa point, under the rim-trial, Rainbow point, and Riggs springs loop and finally Bristlecone Loop Trail.
  • Rainbow Point: Rainbow point is located at around 9,100 feet above the canyon.  The place is filled with awesome scenery of Deer Mountains, springs camping area, and Horse Mountain and other beautiful sites in Bryce Canyon.
  • Bristlecone Loop: The trail offers the breathtaking view of the beautiful Canyon at the southern end through Riggs Spring Loop, Horse Hollows, Mutton, Corral and Yovimpa pass.
  • Yovimpa Point: Take a good look at the Canyons below when you are walking on the trails at the Yovimpo point; you are sure experience the thrilling moments when you look down the canyons. It is located on the same plateau as Rainbow point.
  • Under the Rim Trail:  The parking lot is located where the Under the Rim Trail starts.  The trial starts slantingly and falls on the upland, then it turns east and circles around the west before finally reaching the Agua Canyon located at the north passing.

Conclusion:  Bristlecone Loop starts at a dirt fire road slope for the first 3 mi.  The loop turns to single-track at the intersection at the Bonanza Trail.  You can park the car from the top for the Upper Bristlecone Trail and lower bristlecone trail on Lee Canyon Rd.  It is also a famous place for hikers so stay vigilant for hikers.

Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek

It’s a Fee Free Weekend in Bryce Canyon

This weekend you have no excuse to not visit Bryce, as it is the opening week for National Parks and to celebrate they’re offering access fee free! So come on down and soak in the incredible beauty that Bryce Canyon has to offer, and only pay for your gas to get here.

Fee Free Days April 18th and 19th!

Fee Free Day: NPS