Oldest Living Trees

Bryce Canyon and the Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva)  

Bristlecone pines are very special trees. Conservatively, the oldest living bristlecone is well over 4500 years. Here in Bryce Canyon, the oldest documented tree is over 1500 years (just a youngster.) They can keep their pine needles for over 40 years. Some years, because of extreme weather, they may not grow at all. Bristlecones may be two or three times older than their tree rings indicate because of this ability to seemingly hibernate during extremely cold temperatures.

Bristlecone standing tiptoe on the rim of Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Some people travel very long distances to see the trees. One gentleman mentioned, “I come here for the bristlecones, the hoodoos are just a bonus. The bristlecones are symbolic of life for me because of what they have endured.” Bristlecones have been through everything under the sun. We believe they are to be respected. They’ve seen more than you and I will ever see. Anything that can persevere through centuries and millennia of changing seasons by withstanding the elements of wind, snow, fire, earthquakes, and lightning is of noble birth. Did you know that bristlecones only grow in the United States, and have only been found in five states: Colorado, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah? Have you ever seen the great bristlecone pine trees? What feelings did they conjure up in you?

Water Bottle Ban Lifted in National Parks

In 2011, Policy Memorandum 11-03 was put in place which banned the sale of disposable water bottles at national parks. While there are 417 national parks service sites in the United States, only 23 of these parks have implemented this ban.

Water bottle debris concerns were the initial reason for the bottle ban in 2011. Officials were seeing increasing amounts of plastic bottle litter throughout the parks, and a ban on bottles seemed like a viable fix to the problem.

There are many important aspects of lifting this ban that should be explored. The potential problems that could come from the ban being lifted, the positive side of the ban lift, and what parks can expect once it is lifted are all important to consider. By understanding the complexities surrounding the revocation of this memorandum, the impact of this official action can be understood more clearly.

Valid Concerns
Some park officials are worried that lifting the ban on bottled water is going to have negative effects on the nation’s parks. The main concern is water bottles not being disposed of properly. When people litter, especially with water bottles, serious harm can be done to the wildlife and the natural beauty of parks.

Wildlife is at risk of swallowing or getting stuck in the plastic caps, rings, and pieces from bottles. This can lead to needing to rehabilitate the animals or, worse yet, the animals dying from injuries sustained from the bottles.

In addition to the suffering of the wildlife, the natural landscape of parks is affected by bottle debris. As guests overlook the scenic landscape, seeing bottles scattered on the ground takes away from the overall experience of the parks.

The Silver Lining
While the ban has helped to reduce the amount of bottled water waste in the parks that have implemented it, there are some positives things that will come from the revocation of the ban.

As it stands, water is the only bottled beverage that is affected by the ban. This means that businesses can sell other bottled drinks, like soda and sports drinks, but not water. Therefore, guests who come to the parks without a reusable water bottle would be forced to purchase an unhealthy drink that is full of sugar, even if they would rather purchase water.

Also, with bottled water quickly becoming the most popular beverage on the market, park businesses are missing a chance to make a profit from water sales. These profits can go to beautifying the parks and keeping more park businesses open.

The Impact on Parks
In the 23 parks that implemented this ban, the revocation of Policy Memorandum 11-03 will certainly bring some changes. Once water can be sold in the parks, they will have to encourage guests to dispose of the bottles properly rather than litter the park with their waste.

Parks may place more recycling and trash bins in popular areas to further encourage visitors to be responsible with their bottles. Though water can be purchased, parks will still have free water bottle filling stations for guests who bring reusable bottles or would like to reuse their disposable bottle to save on waste and money.

Hopefully, once the ban is revoked, guests will continue to realize the importance of reusable water bottles and disposing of recyclables responsibly. It is everyone’s job to keep the parks clean and, with any luck, guests will be aware of that during their adventures in the national parks.

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Red Ledges Inn


The amazing Red Ledges Inn is a part of the America’s Best Value Inn and Suites group. This very accommodating inn has so much to offer guests. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, for a few days or an extended time, guests will find Red Ledges Inn to be a wonderful and welcoming place to stay in the Bryce Canyon area.
Among the things that Red Ledges Inn has to offer are the inviting rooms, fabulous amenities, and new projects that are currently in the works. These features and more make staying at Red Ledges Inn a lovely experience.
One of the biggest benefits to staying at Red Ledges Inn is the surrounding area. This inn is in Tropic, Utah near Bryce Canyon, which means it is surrounded by several local and national parks that guests should not miss. There are so many exciting activities to experience while in Bryce Canyon that visitors may choose to stay at Red Ledges Inn even longer than expected.

Wonderful Room Options
The rooms at Red Ledges Inn are comfortable, clean, and up to date with all the features that travelers expect from their lodging option. There are many different rooms and suites to choose from when staying at Red ledges Inn, so it is important to be aware of all the other options when booking a room. The following is a list of the available rooms at Red Ledges Inn. There is sure to be a choice for every traveler’s needs.

Standard Rooms
Standard rooms are the rooms that can be booked at the lowest prices at Red Ledges Inn. These rooms come with many amenities, including cable TV, WIFI, mini-fridge, microwave, and more. These standard rooms can be booked with a variety of different sleeping configurations. Guests can book a standard room with either double, queen, or king beds. Roll-away beds or cots may be available by asking the front desk. These rooms are a great value in the Bryce Canyon area.

Deluxe Rooms
Deluxe rooms at Red Ledges Inn have a bit more to offer guests. These rooms can be booked with either a double queen or king, depending on the number of guests staying in the room. There is a small sitting area, desk, and all the amenities of the standard rooms, as well. For those who prefer a bit more luxury with their hotel stay, the deluxe rooms are a terrific choice.

Junior Suites
These suites provide guests with lots of room in a cozy environment. Junior suites have a spacious queen bed, an accommodating bathroom, and extras like a mini-fridge, many television channels, and much more. For guests who like to have a bit more room than the traditional hotel room can provide, but do not need a full suite, a junior suite is a wonderful option.

Executive Suites
For guests who prefer to stay in true luxury, an executive suite at Red Ledges Inn is the way to go. These rooms are incredibly spacious, updated, and make guests feel like they never left home. There is a living room-style area, a dining area, comfortable king bed, large bathroom, and much more. These rooms are the best way to indulge during a trip to Bryce Canyon.

Exciting Amenities
Red Ledges Inn has many exciting amenities that guests will be glad to have. Red Ledges Inn does everything they can to make sure that guests have a comfortable stay. The following are a few of the amenities available at this terrific inn.

Continental Breakfast
A light continental breakfast will greet each guest in the morning at Red Ledges Inn. This breakfast is just enough to fill visitors up before a day of adventure in Bryce Canyon. Guests can choose from cereal, pancakes, toast, muffins, English muffins, fruits, coffee, tea, milk, and juice. Those who stay at Red Ledges Inn are guaranteed to start their day off right with the fuel of a terrific breakfast.

This amenity is one that guests will find extremely useful while staying in Bryce Canyon. Travelers can share pictures of their adventures, keep in contact with friends and family, and even catch up on work without using their own data or internet plan. Visitors can stay connected with important online activities without paying extra for this wonderful amenity at Red ledges Inn.

There is no better way to relax after a long day of adventure than to sit back and watch television. At Red Ledges Inn, guests won’t be stuck with only a few channels to choose from. Instead, they can enjoy many different channels thanks to an extended DirecTV package. Some rooms even include Starz and other paid channels. Whether the weather is keeping guests in or they just need some time to recharge, the television channel options are a great way to enjoy a room at Red Ledges Inn.
Kitchen Amenities
The rooms at Red Ledges Inn include many kitchen appliances that will be extremely useful, especially for guests who have an extended stay. With a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee maker in each room, guests will not have to sacrifice eating well during their vacation. These amenities are incredibly useful and will greatly improve a stay at Red Ledges Inn.

Restaurant Discount
For guests at Red Ledges Inn, there is a special discount they will receive at Rustler’s Restaurant. This restaurant is located next to the hotel and has a great variety of food to please even the pickiest of eaters. Visitors can inquire about the discount either at the front desk of the hotel or at Rustler’s Restaurant upon arrival.

Coming Soon
To make a stay at Red Ledges Inn even better, the following projects are currently in the works and will be available for guests to enjoy shortly.

Patio Areas
One of the best things about the Bryce Canyon area is the incredible outdoor views. To capitalize on the amazing natural scenery, Red Ledges Inn will be opening a few different outdoor patio areas for guests to enjoy. One area will extend the dining area so that guests can enjoy breakfast al fresco. The other will allow guests to relax and enjoy the gorgeous night air. These patio areas, coming in the fall of 2017, will make a stay at Red Ledges Inn extremely enjoyable inside and out.

Lounge and Conference Center
This new building, coming in fall of 2018, will include many exciting features. There will be televisions, lots of seating, a game room, a conference center, exercise area, and a lovely outdoor area. The addition of the lounge and conference center will make a stay at Red Ledges Inn even more exciting.

Bryce Canyon Area
The Bryce Canyon area is best known for its incredible scenic views. Travelers flock to this area each year, during every season, to get outside and connect with nature. The most popular area of Bryce Canyon is Bryce Canyon National Park. This popular park has so much offer those who are lucky enough to travel to the area.
While in Bryce Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Park, visitors should be sure to explore the incredible landscape. There are hoodoos, which are rock spires that are formed over millions of years. These structures are one of the biggest draws to the area. They have many different shapes and can be found through most of the park. There are also canyons, cliffs, and mesas that can be explored by foot throughout the park. The amazing natural formations of Bryce are truly a sight to see.
Another terrific aspect of Bryce Canyon is the rich history of the area. The natural history and human history of this area go back many years, which means Bryce has a unique and exciting story to tell. From the evidence of Native civilizations to the millions of years old canyons, the Bryce Canyon area has something for every history lover.
Every traveler that comes to the Bryce Canyon will find something that they love about the area. Bryce Canyon is full of wonderful surprises that guests will never forget.

Activities in Bryce Canyon
In Bryce Canyon, there are many activities to enjoy. Guests can spend weeks in the area and still not experience all the different outdoor activities that Bryce offers. Whether spending time in the park or just in the surrounding area, there are tons of incredible activities to participate in. The following are some of the exciting adventures that can be enjoyed during a visit to Bryce Canyon.
Horseback Riding
ATV Tours
Aerial Tours
Rock Climbing
…and much more.

Don’t Delay, Stay with Red Ledges Inn
Enjoying the Bryce Canyon area is even more incredible when staying at Red Ledges Inn. This terrific hotel provides a cozy and up to date place to relax between exciting adventures. Guests can enjoy their comfortable bed, many television channels, and spacious bedrooms while they prepare themselves for their next unbelievable journey in Bryce Canyon.

Kanab Zipline


Kanab Zipline

Ziplining is a very popular activity that can be done in many places around the world. Zipline adventures take riders on the journey of a lifetime high above the ground. Ziplines usually begin at a high location, such as a man-made platform or a cliff, and riders are strapped into a harness that connects to the zipline. From staggering heights, they speed down the zipline at up to forty miles per hour. These zipline adventures are a truly unforgettable experience.

In the Kanab area, a zipline tour with Kanab Zipline is the best way to see this gorgeous area. Not only will guests get to see the amazing scenery from a unique vantage point, they will also be treated to a thrilling adventure. Whether ziplining for the adventure, the view, or both, guests will never forget their time with Kanab Zipline.

The Kanab Zipline Course
The course at Kanab Zipline is the largest one in the area. This amazing course consists of four different ziplines that guests will get to enjoy in a two-and-a-half-hour-long trip. The Kanab Zipline course combines ziplining, sightseeing, and off-roading in a fun and exciting way that no other activity near Kanab can compete with.
A 4×4 vehicle will take riders from the Kanab Zipline building to the first platform of the course, also called base camp. This off-road adventure is a wonderful way to begin this exciting and adventurous journey.
The first run of the zipline course is a massive 1,100 feet long. It takes riders over a deep canyon at a high rate of speed. The platform for this zipline run is at an elevation of 5,280 feet. At that height, guests will be able to see for miles as they feel their stomach drop as they prepare to plummet down the run.
The second run of the course is shorter, at four hundred feet, but it has an extra feature that makes it very exciting. This run is a double run, which means riders will get to speed down the run side by side. They will be able to enjoy the views of the desert together and race to the landing platform. No matter who wins the zipline race, this run will be an unforgettable one.
The third run is four hundred feet, as well. This gives riders a quick experience across a beautiful desert valley. Riders will take in the amazing view as they prepare for their final run of the course.
The fourth and final run of the Kanab Zipline course is another double run. This gives riders another chance to experience a ride together and race to the final stop of the course. This 650-foot-long run takes riders over a beautiful mountain ridge and ends very close to the location of the initial starting point. Riders will feel a sense of accomplishment as they unhook their harness for the final time and look back on the amazing trip they just took.

Important Ziplining Information
While a zipline adventure is action packed and full of exciting moments, it is important to remember that ziplining can be dangerous if the rules are not followed throughout the whole trip. Before heading to the course, riders will be informed about the rules for a safe ride and be given information about having a safe, fun, and enjoyable trip. While most of this information will be gone over with the professionals, there are a few things that riders will want to know before booking their trip.
The age limit of zipline rides is a minimum of eight years old. Children under the age of eight at the time of the ziplining adventure will not be permitted to participate in any part of the ride.
The weight limit for riders is between 70 and 270 pounds. Those who do not fall between this weight range will not be allowed on the course for their own safety.
All riders are required to wear fully enclosed and sturdy footwear. Anyone wearing sandals, clogs, or flip flops will not be permitted on any part of the course.

Enjoy High Flying Fun
Traveling to new areas often leaves people feeling like they would like to get the most out of their experiences. A zipline tour with Kanab Zipline is a guaranteed way for visitors to experience something new, create lasting memories, and challenge themselves to get outside their comfort zone. Visitors will find themselves coming back to the Kanab area year after year to experience Kanab Zipline again. No visit to the Kanab area is complete without a ride along the incredible zipline course at Kanab Zipline.

Thors Hammer – Starry Nights In Bryce

Above anything else, Bryce Canyon has the most stunning night skies you will ever see in Utah. Due to the lack of light pollution, you can see the stars clearer than ever here. Nothing beats a starry night in Bryce Canyon.

Thor's Hammer
Photo Credit: Spencer Bawden on flickr

Hiking the Bristlecone Loop

The Bristlecone Loop is reachable at southern end of the park from Rainbow point, meanders the highest point of the park, and connects through the forest at an elevation of over 9,100 feet. The trial circles on the top of the upland above the adjacent canyons. You can notice a beautiful landscape all through the trial and it takes you to bristlecone pines which are considered some of the oldest plants alive, dating back 1,800 years; this is the only park where you can find the beautiful bristlecone pine trees.

Hiking the Bristlecone Loop

Hiking in Bryce Canyon is without a doubt one of the best things you can do here. And if you’re looking for a neutral place to stay in-between Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon, then take a look at Zion Ponderosa. They offer some of the best cabin style amenities it all of southern Utah, and are perfectly situated to give you easy access to both parks.

The forest looks radiant with Blue Spruce, White Fir and Douglas-fir and a home for woodpeckers, grouse, owls, chipmunks and squirrels.  You can also see Stiller’s Jays and Ravens in the forest.  And it is home for a lot of species and animals.  The trail will be closed during mid-winter season due to heavy snow. The trial will be covered with snow from 2 feet to 15 feet during this period.

  • Rainbow Point Parking:  Rainbow point is the starting point of the trail; you can find the parking lot at the end of the State route-63 to park your cars. From there you can reach the trail head for Yovimpa point, under the rim-trial, Rainbow point, and Riggs springs loop and finally Bristlecone Loop Trail.
  • Rainbow Point: Rainbow point is located at around 9,100 feet above the canyon.  The place is filled with awesome scenery of Deer Mountains, springs camping area, and Horse Mountain and other beautiful sites in Bryce Canyon.
  • Bristlecone Loop: The trail offers the breathtaking view of the beautiful Canyon at the southern end through Riggs Spring Loop, Horse Hollows, Mutton, Corral and Yovimpa pass.
  • Yovimpa Point: Take a good look at the Canyons below when you are walking on the trails at the Yovimpo point; you are sure experience the thrilling moments when you look down the canyons. It is located on the same plateau as Rainbow point.
  • Under the Rim Trail:  The parking lot is located where the Under the Rim Trail starts.  The trial starts slantingly and falls on the upland, then it turns east and circles around the west before finally reaching the Agua Canyon located at the north passing.

Conclusion:  Bristlecone Loop starts at a dirt fire road slope for the first 3 mi.  The loop turns to single-track at the intersection at the Bonanza Trail.  You can park the car from the top for the Upper Bristlecone Trail and lower bristlecone trail on Lee Canyon Rd.  It is also a famous place for hikers so stay vigilant for hikers.

Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek

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