Camping in Bryce During Winter

Don’t let the winter blues stop you from heading this was to do some camping in Bryce during winter. Often people think that Bryce can only be enjoyed during the spring, summer, and fall months, but avoid it like the plague during the winter. But this is just not the case as there are so many things to do in Bryce during the winter months, and as you can see the snow covered views of Bryce are incredible. In fact Bryce Canyon in winter is one of the prettiest national parks in all of America.

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Camping in Bryce During the Winter Months

Bryce Canyon has two campgrounds that are open during winter, the North and Sunset. During the summer months these have coin operated showers and laundry available at the general store nearby, but these aren’t available during the winter months. And the dump station is also closed during the freezing months as well. But aware, but don’t let a few minor inconveniences stop you from seeing one of the best winter views in the county.

What To Do When Winter Camping in Bryce

If you’re camping in Bryce during the winter, you’ll definitely want to bring at least a pair of waterproof shoes to hike around in, but that still limits you somewhat. You’ll really want to bring some snowshoes so you can really see things. Or you can get by with a good pair of crampons most of the time. If a big snowstorm hits then you’ll definitely need a pair of snowshoes, but a few days after that snow has settled and melted then often the trails become very well packed and often a little icy, so then snowshoes can become a little more of a liability than a blessing. So it’s best to come with both, some traction devices like crampons, and snowshoes, that way you’re covered for anything mother nature has prepared for you.

Winter Activities in Town

Besides seeing the amazing Bryce Canyon in winter, there are numerous activities held in town that offer a variety of fun things to do. From horse drawn sleigh rides, to ice skating, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling. So don’t let the winter blues stop you from heading this way for some winter camping in Bryce Canyon. You’re sure to see some amazing things and have memories that last down ages.

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