Bryce Canyon Time-Lapse Video

I discovered this video in my searches and was amazed at how well it was done. Time-lapse video’s add a variety and different take that are really fun to watch. I especially enjoyed watching the transitions on the canyon as the sunlight finally gives way to darkness. It shows beautifully the varying colors that can come out in Bryce. From pink and purple to a mix of in-between.

BEAUTIFUL BRYCE from Greg Kiss on Vimeo.

It then transitions to a night scene that showcases the stars that watch over Bryce Canyon National Park. How often do we stop to look up at night? It also gives us the striking feeling about how big and wonderful this world really is.

Greg Kiss who created the video does a great job of incorporating different things within in, such as an old ponderosa pine that’s still standing. As he pans over the old tree that overlooks the amphitheater of Bryce you get the feeling that this national park is truly something special.
It shows the variety that is offered here, from the arch to the trees, to the grandeur of it all. This is one of my most favorite Bryce Canyon video’s. It paints a picture of what it is, better than almost any other video I’ve seen.

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