Bryce Beckons Your Return

If there’s any picture out there that beckons your return to Bryce, then it ought to be this one. Is it just me or are the time lapse photo’s of iconic places like Bryce just incredible? Maybe it’s because they combine two things that are so intriguing to me, the hoodoos and natural beauty of this world, and the night sky in all of it’s wonder.

Maybe I’m just feeling just a bit nostalgic from when I was a kid and we would sleep outside under the stars on our trampoline. Where we lived there were few street lights and neighbors to stamp out the night sky’s view that was right above us. Maybe it’s memories like these that make a picture like this, a picture that captures the awe inspiring wonder that is the heavens above us, and combines it with the towering art of Bryce Canyon’s hoodoos. Maybe…


Truly what a wonderful world we live in. And hopefully this image speaks to you as it speaks to me, that it’s time to stop what I’m doing and just look up from time to time. And without a doubt it’s time to return to Bryce.

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