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Oldest Living Trees

Bryce Canyon and the Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva)   Bristlecone pines are very special trees. Conservatively, the oldest living bristlecone is well over 4500 years. Here in Bryce Canyon, the oldest documented tree is over 1500 years (just a youngster.) They can keep their pine needles for over 40 years. Some years, because of extreme […]

Water Bottle Ban Lifted in National Parks

In 2011, Policy Memorandum 11-03 was put in place which banned the sale of disposable water bottles at national parks. While there are 417 national parks service sites in the United States, only 23 of these parks have implemented this ban. Water bottle debris concerns were the initial reason for the bottle ban in 2011. […]

Red Ledges Inn

GET 10% OFF RED LEDGES INN WITH PROMO CODE OLWM17 The amazing Red Ledges Inn is a part of the America’s Best Value Inn and Suites group. This very accommodating inn has so much to offer guests. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, for a few days or an extended time, guests will find Red […]

Winter Festival, fee-free day coincide at Bryce Canyon, Ruby’s Inn

For 32 years and counting, Bryce Canyon National Park has held the Bryce Canyon Winter Festival. Over the President’s Day Weekend, February 18th to the 20th, hundreds of guests are expected to flock to the Ruby’s Inn for this exciting event. During the Winter Festival, there are many activities for visitors, whether they enjoy the […]

Backpacking Essentials

Looking for a little more excitement and solitude? Trying to escape the tourists and crowds? You may be interested in taking a backpacking journey through Bryce Canyon’s captivating backcountry! The backcountry in Bryce Canyon is quite a beautiful experience and a hidden gem. Not many people take the opportunity to get out and away from […]

Hoodoo Hue’s

We are counting down the days until the first snowfall in Bryce canyon. Nothing beats those bright red Hoodoos contrasting against a blanket of snow and a green ponderosa pine forrest background! Photo Credit: 45SURF Hero’s Odyssey Mythology Photography on flickr

Bright And Colorful

Bryce Canyon has some of the most stunning colors from every aspect. The sky, the red rock and the ponderosa pine colliding together to create a brightly stunning masterpiece. Thank you Mother Nature. Photo Credit: Hongyu Guo on flickr