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Rain Over Bryce Canyon

This picture is named Rain Over Bryce. There’s nothing like a rainy day, and that’s especially true in regards to Bryce Canyon. The canyon itself turns completely different, and quite stunning. So don’t let a few rain clouds damper your plans on visiting the park. Rain over Bryce Canyon by Josh Spradling on 500px

Hiking Fairyland Loop Trail

Description: Prepare for one of the most spectacular hikes in Bryce Canyon, as Fairyland Loop Trail in Bryce Canyon leads you on the edge and below the labyrinths and amphitheaters, between spires and hoodoos and into the subterranean stone canyons of tan, white and pink. Experience an extensive hike descending close to 900 feet leading […]

The Digital Age and Family Reunions: How to Get The Most Out of Them

In 1932 when my ancestors took a family reunion photo, they weren’t worried about our generation, as much as they were worried about lunch. However, I am very glad for the time they spared on various photos they took over the years as they’ve become priceless for the whole family. This summer when there is […]

Lightning Over Bryce

Lightning Over Bryce There are few light shows that can even compare to the show mother nature can put on (I’m looking at you Las Vegas). Although in comparison, it’s quite unpredictable, which is why capturing an image like this of lightning over Bryce Canyon is so incredible. Lightning over Bryce Canyon by Stefan Mitterwallner […]