A Marvelous Video of Bryce

There are few videos of Bryce Canyon that I’ve liked more than this one. It may be not only because it has tremendous videography but the accompanying music is very inspiring as well. It just paints a picture of the park that makes everyone who views it wish there were there right now.

BEAUTIFUL BRYCE from Greg Kiss on Vimeo.

The variety of what’s contained within this video is simply stunning. Greg Kiss was able to capture the changing colors of the canyon as night began to take over, and then he adds the timelapse of the stars overhead. Those are always so intriguing to me because I recently spoke with a photographer about them and he said “Most of those shooting stars you and I don’t see, but our camera’s capture them.” It makes me want to sleep out under the night sky just to prove him wrong.

I like as well the many different angles and areas that he was able to capture Bryce from. We all know that Bryce Canyon is huge and you simply can’t capture it in a single image because it misses so much. With this Bryce Canyon video he was able to overcome that by showing you the impressive vistas, then combining then with the swaying trees towering next to the red hoodoos, simply marvelous.

As the video begins to wind down you find yourself wondering how many hours did it take just to capture these images? And then how many hours afterwards did it take to compile and edit them into this video? The talents that are on display all around us everyday seem to never end, but talents that are only born from taking a tremendous amount of time to learn a trade like this.

Bryce Canyon is one of my favorite places on this earth, to be there, to see it and walk among the trails are some of my greatest memories. So when I see a video like this that comes as close as you can get to really showcasing what this canyon is really all about, that is something else. That is something that gets my attention and makes me want to ensure that everyone views it.

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