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Bryce Canyon Lodging

Take a little pressure off yourself by realizing that regardless of where you choose to stay, you are heading to one of the most beautiful and visited National Parks in the US. Bryce Canyon is one place where you won’t be spending much time in your hotel room with all there is to do and see there. Here is our Bryce Canyons guide and recommendations to your accommodations near Bryce, Utah.

First, look at a Google maps and get a little more familiar with the area surrounding Bryce Canyon National Park. With all of the smaller cities within a 30minute drive of Bryce Canyon you will have plenty of Bryce Canyon lodging options to choose from if you book far enough in advance. Your peak trafficking months for tourism in Bryce start in June and continue through September. Take these into considerations when looking to book your reservation’s, with how popular Bryce Canyon is worldwide, its recommended to book reservations in advance for your best possible rates and choices of preferred accommodations.

Bryce Deluxe Duplex Cabin NPS Photo Credit: NPS wikipedia

If you are just sight-seeing, hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities, take that into consideration when making your reservations. Some of these hotels are located right near areas of interest specific for your needs.

Lodging in Bryce Canyon

The Obvious choices include Ruby’s Inn and the Lodge at Bryce Canyon. These are your two most popular and famous of choices when wanting to find accommodations at Bryce Canyon. What separates these two from each other is not much, but one is directly in the park and one is outside of the gates. Both Hotels have shopping, camp grounds, and places to eat; with a long history of being the parks best stays. Ruby’s inn in located in the nice cozy town of Bryce, Utah (resident population of 196), while the lodge at Bryce Canyon is located just inside the park gates. You will find there is more activity and things to do in Bryce versus on the outside of town.

Bryce, Utah is a small city located just outside the northern Bryce canyon park gates. Bryce is located in Garfield County and was formally known as Rubys Inn. This city was officially incorporated on July 23, 2007. There are several other small cities located very close to Bryce like, Tropic Utah, Hatch Utah, and Panguitch. You will probably pass through at least one of these other towns on your way to Bryce. To get more information on Bryce please visit the local visitor center or: BryceCanyonCityUt.Gov

Here is a map of your top choices and main places to stay near Bryce Canyon: Lodging Map

If you want to compare stays at the different locations here is a list of some great and recommended places to look into while planning your trip to the Bryce Canyon area:

       1. Rubys Inn
       2. Bryce View Lodge
       3. Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel
       4. Bryce Canyon Pines
       5. Bryce Country Cabins
       6. Bryce Canyon Inn
       7. The lodge at Bryce Canyon
       8. Blue Springs Lodge

Bryce Lodge Options

Whatever kind of Bryce lodging you are looking for we've got you covered!

Follow the links below for more details about all of your Bryce Canyon lodge options Have you considered a Bed and Breakfast or a Vacation Home Rental? Studies have shown that you get more amenities and square footage for your dollar, which makes them the perfect choice for your family!

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